High security storage and tailor-made logistic solutions!

Even if you are in need of a significant international logistic solution or merely short term storage for goods with seasonal variations, we have the ability to help you!

We possess over 30 000 M2 in Halmstad where storage, cross-dock and distribution centers are specifically designed to accommodate many different industries. The proximity to the highway, port and rail-road operators is an obvious strategy for GN Logistics!

In close collaboration with our customers, we carefully plan their need for cross-border transports, wherever the supplier or customer is situated in the world.

GN Logistics have the opportunity to provide these services by using our own terminals in Sweden (Halmstad, Stockholm), France (Paris) and Luxembourg (Bettembourg).

This is carefully supervised by collaborators with significant experience of the storage business. Our sites in Sweden are highly equipped with CCTV and electric fences, which gives you an even higher feeling of security and protects your goods.

Contact us for more information and to discuss your needs! 


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